Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Garden notes

1 & 2: Garden beds
3: cherry tomatoes
4: yellow courgettes
5: lettuce, runner beans and calendula
6: bush beans 
7: apple trees
8: pears
9: Cameusa dell'obregrat apple
10: Feijoa flowers

The garden has been busy doing its thing, largely taking caring of itself with a bit of weeding and watering input from me. We've been eating lettuce, snowpeas, basil and the odd yellow cherry tomato but soon we'll be adding courgettes, spring onions and beans to that list. I also have peppers, an eggplant, watermelon and carrots coming along. Branches in the home orchard are groaning under the weight of fruit - especially the apples. They are in their fourth season now and they obviously like where they're planted. The crabapple tree is loaded again and the giant pear trees are fruiting despite their vigorous chainsaw pruning over winter. No fruit on the Damson plums though, note to self - don't prune in the winter! I'm excited to see lots of flowers on the feijoas, fingers crossed we'll have lots of autumn fruit. I'm deliberately not mentioning the bank orchard, it seems to have disappeared into the meadow.....must add that to the to-do list.

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