Monday, 21 January 2013

It's a hat-trick

The kids needed new sunhats and after a bit of searching online I found this free pattern by Liesl Gibson. I printed it out but the scale wasn't right so rather than muck around with my printer settings, I reserved the book online then picked it up from my local library. I'm glad I did get the book though, there are lots of cute things in it to make, I especially love the penguin backpack and the messenger bag.

So having the pattern, I then let the kids raid my fabric stash. Lucia and Marcus's choices were quickly and easily made. Ella on the other hand took a bit more time with her design. She wanted a hat that used four fabrics, two different tops and two different brims and then spent quite some time working out how she wanted it to look, even drawing a diagram for me so I didn't get it wrong. She's quite particular that Ella (that's her on the right below), she knows her mind.

Sewing them was really straightforward  even though I'd never sewn curves before, the instructions were very easy to read, and I'm really pleased with how they turned out. I'll definitely be making them again. The hardest thing was photographing them. I tried to make a photo shoot sound really exciting but they weren't buying into it. On the first attempt they were all in their pyjamas (at 4.30pm on account of a game they were playing?!) and Marcus declined on account of it being "too embarrassing". The girls had no such qualms though as you can see above. On the second attempt I used food as bribery and managed to get a couple of ok shots... I can see now why some photographers refuse to work with animals and children.


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