Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Rural showdown

On the weekend we took the kids and my Mum to the Levin Agricultural Pastoral and Industrial Show. This is the second year we've been and we all really enjoyed it, it was a great day out. These agricultural shows are a dying breed, not many regions in New Zealand still host them and it would be a real shame to lose them entirely, they are a perfect blend of town and country and show what New Zealand's all about.

There's really something there for everyone.  The boys loved the vintage machinery and vehicles, the line-up of tractors was very impressive and there was no shortage of enthusiastic men of a certain era to show them off.  The girls loved the amusement rides most funnily enough, not the pigs, sheep, poultry, alpacas, show jumping or ice-cream, but the bumper cars.....

I love watching the animals in the Show ring, especially the Dairy cows. It's a dream of mine to own a house cow that I could share-milk with a calf, Anthony doesn't share my dream unfortunately so I've had to be creative in trying to make it happen. My Plan A began with getting Flora as a calf for the kids school gala 18 months ago. However, things are not working out well on that front - it turns out that Flora is not the docile Jersey cow I thought I was getting, instead she is a crazy skittish animal whom we can't even herd across the road to a paddock full of grass let alone up the road to visit the bull.  For now I fear milking is off the menu. So, looking at the Dairy class at the show was the closest I'm going to get to milking in a wee while, until I come up with Plan B.... I'm working on that.....

I also loved wandering through the Home Industries exhibits - picture elderly ladies showing off their skill in knitting, sewing, crocheting, baking, preserving, flower arranging, weaving, card-making and so on. There were some beautiful things of display and I'm kicking myself for not taking any photos. It must have been very difficult to award prizes but I did find myself a little miffed by some of the judging. I would hazard a guess that the judges were of a certain generation, who judged according to their tastes, preferring old-fashioned knitted garments to ones more modern in look. It has me fired up though, I'm thinking I might enter a knitted tea cosy next year - you know, shake things up a bit. I'd have to choose my pattern wisely though, something that will knock their socks off but not offend their more traditional sensibilities.  While I'm at it I could have a go at the chocolate cake... or the tomato relish....who knows where it could take me!

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  1. sounds like a very fun day and yes! enter your cozy, i think that's a wonderful idea!