Tuesday, 29 January 2013

She's a beauty

After searching New Zealand wide for nearly a year we found her, only 5 km up the road, just sitting there waiting for us to find her.

We've named her Miss Daisy and she is already one of the family.  The kids have commandeered her as a playhouse, in fact it's so full of their things I can hardly open the door. She needs a bit of love and attention but with a bit of hard work and a lick of paint, she'll be as good as new, restored to her former glory. I've been thinking of all the ways I'd like to decorate her inside, fabric choices will be made, time will be spent sewing, and she will be filled with useful but gorgeous things essential to happy camping. 

I've been dreaming about all the holidays we're going to have with her when she's roadworthy. I can picture myself taking her and the kids away when Anthony's working abroad, or family Christmas' in camping grounds, or weekend getaways at the beach. Or better still, the three month long trip around our country that we've talked of for so long. Welcome Miss Daisy, we're so glad to have you in our driveway.


  1. oh how lucky! i love miss daisy and have wanted one too for a long time. we came to your country a few years agon and rented a camper, spending 3 weeks driving almost 3000 miles around the north island. i fell in love with so much, and one of the things were the small campers at all the campgrounds we stayed at. your going to have so much fun!

  2. I get it, Driving Miss Daisy! She's beautiful. I have been on the hunt for a caravan for my dad's block of land. But I think we're moving more towards getting an old bus instead. You really got an amazing caravan x

  3. I am a little bit in love with her myself. Kick those kids out and make her your own playhouse.

  4. I am DROOLING over her. I've been wanting a retro caravan for ever, it's on my wish list. xo