Monday, 28 January 2013

The illusive yoghurt and a yummy tart

One of the things on my rather long list of things to make is yoghurt, not the kind of yoghurt using a packet mix and water, but real yoghurt, using milk, a pot and a thermometer. I've had a couple of goes at it and who knew how simple the method was, the difficulty I've found though is getting set yoghurt at the end of it. The first time it worked a charm, it was creamy and tangy and even the kids loved it.

The second time was not so great, it didn't set. I did two things differently with that batch though, I used some of the yoghurt of my first batch as the starter and I used the Easiyo thermos containers to keep it warm. Determined to succeed I had another go, I used slightly different milk this time, shop-bought yoghurt as culture and put it in the chillybin again to keep warm. It's not looking so great I have to say, not the creamy thick yoghurt I was striving for, but rather a watery and runny concoction...

 I haven't minded the failures though.  Not wanting to waste the ingredients on my second batch I sieved it through muslin cloth and ended up with a third the volume in what looked like cream cheese - yum! Wondering what to have for dinner one evening I created this tart using rainbow chard from my garden and the failed yoghurt cheese. Although I love to follow recipes I'm not great at writing them so here's a description of what I did:

Wash a good bunch of rainbow chard (you could use spinach or silverbeet) and cook gently until wilted. Chop and mix with failed yoghurt cheese, a good grating of parmesan, an egg and the rind of a lemon (or you could use mint instead). Pile on top of a flaky pastry sheet leaving a gap around the edge then place another pastry sheet on top, moistening and crimping the edges to encase the filling. Bake at 190 degrees C for 30 minutes or until puffed and brown. Yum!

As lovely as it is to have yoghurt cheese in the fridge, I'd really like some yoghurt so it's back to the drawing board...

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