Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Joining in with Ginny .
I'm nearly finished my Mae shrug, only an inch more to go so hopefully that'll be off the needles today. The weather might help with my quest... it has turned from stunning sunny blue skies to grey, windy and wet, an indoor sort of day. Now that's a Kiwi summer for you!
There's not been a lot of reading going on here....I've been spending too much time fiddling about in this space, there's just so much to learn isn't there?! I was the lucky recipient of my good friend's holiday reading magazine stash though so I have been flicking through them. Also, I have just dipped into Gaia's Garden by Toby Hemenway,  it might be just the inspiration I need to sort out some areas of the garden.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. It took a bit of googling to get here because your link on my blog isn't working.

    The blog looks great, the pictures are wonderful and I love your garden. I hope you enjoy blogging.

    Rhonda xx

    1. Thank you for commenting Rhonda, that means so much to me. You have given me the inspiration and encouragement to try lots of new things, and given me a much more positive outlook on my work here at home, raising my family. My veggie garden is just one of my triumphs!
      PS: I typed the URL in wrong when I left my comment and I have no idea how to fix that!

  2. I've started adding gardening books to my pile, too. I'm already anxious for spring!

    here from yarn along :)

  3. I found your blog via Down to Earth (which I've only just discovered). Rhonda is right about blogging being wonderful. It will open you up to a whole new world of like-minded people.
    I've taken the liberty of printing out your banana loaf recipe to try, it looks so scrummy! Oh, and can I ask what a yarn-along is?

    1. Hi, I hope you enjoy the banana loaf :) The yarn-along is a great way to see what other knitters/crocheters are up to - it's hosted by Ginny (follow the link in the post to her blog) and anyone can join in. Beware though, my project list increases every time to look.
      I just had a wee peek at your blog, your photos are beautiful.

    2. Thanks for your kind comments! I've learnt such a lot about taking and uploading photos , (and technology in general) since having a blog. I've had a little look at Ginny's blog and feel like breaking out my knitting supplies now. :)