Monday, 11 February 2013

The dress and the shrug

I love wearing dresses, they make me feel happy. I do find it hard to find dresses that fit me nicely but I have been lucky to score a few good ones from the op shop. I saw some beautiful 50's inspired dresses at a handmade market and although I'd dearly loved to have bought one,  I just couldn't afford to pay the price on the tag. It started me thinking though and the next time I was in a fabric store I had a flick through the pattern books. Turns out there are lots of patterns for 50's inspired dresses and I bought home New Look 6910 where it sat for a good month or so in the "too hard" basket. On another trip to that same store I came across some fabric that I fell in love with, even though it was mustard, not a colour I had ever worn and I was dubious about whether it would suit me or not, it was just perfect for my dress. When I got the fabric home I realised that the Mae shrug I was knitting in Teal was made for it, it matched the little blue flowers on the fabric. So despite the shrug being off the needles for a month or so requiring only having the ends sewn in and blocking, it sat in the basket, waiting for its dress.

Once I'd worked up the courage to cut out the pattern, the actual making of the dress didn't take too long when I got down to it. I found the instructions a little tricky in parts but it all made sense and worked out once I was doing it. The only changes I made were lowering the neckline and keeping the belt plain, I decided against the bow. The most challenging thing for me was the zip, it's still not as good as I would have liked but I'm getting better.

I started the Mae shrug designed by Carrie Bostick Hoge late last year, the yarn is the gorgeous Fyberspates Scrumptious, a deliciously soft silk merino blend in Teal. It was a really easy knit, perfect for times when mindless knitting is called for. I'll ravelry it and add a link when I work out how....

So, on Saturday afternoon it all came together, the dress and the shrug had their first outing - dinner at a restaurant with my lovely husband. I'm so grateful for grandparents who like to have all three grandchildren for sleepovers occasionally.

PS: Please excuse the photos, too much sun and a model who really dislikes being on that side of the camera.

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  1. That looks so great, you are much cleverer than you think you are. :)