Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Yarn Along

My Tea Leaves is off the needles and awaiting having its ends sewn in, blocking and button choosing - hurray, I'm so pleased to have it finished!

I've been deliberating over a pattern for the birthday present scarf for quite some time but looking at Ginny's scarf last week decided it for me. I've cast-on the Old Shale Scarf by Tiennie, and I'm knitting it on bigger needles to give it a more open lighter look, it's not like we have terribly cold winters here after all. It should go faster too. Since it's cream I decided I needed a wee drawstring bag to keep it clean in so I whipped up something colourful using this fabric from my stash -  now I can take it anywhere.

I finished Morality for Beautiful Girls last night and am pondering having a wee break from Alexander McCall Smith, I'm hesitating because there's only one more book in the series... can I go just one more?? I'm having trouble working out what to read next though so I'll have a look around the Yarn Along posts to see if anything catches my eye and is immediately available at the library. Decisions decisions!

Joining in with Ginny.


  1. that scarf is going to be lovely, so lacy and delicate. <3

  2. Thank you, I love how it looks complicated but is actually super easy :)

  3. really like the scarf. It feels so good to have it turn out so nice! Sometimes I stall on what book to read next...even with a stack on the nightstand that could tip over and knock me unconscious!!
    Happy knitting and reading.