Saturday, 9 March 2013



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013" via Che and Fidel.

I've been having fun playing this week, I still haven't got to grips with my camera settings but Picasa has blown me away by what it can do to an ordinary photo.

Ella: Bolshy on the outside, painfully shy within, this girl's got spirit and we love her for it
Lucia: Shy but confident, life will shift up a gear for this gorgeous girl of ours when she gets her glasses, we had no idea she couldn't see properly.
Marcus: Our clown, there's nothing else to say really, this boy entertains us all day long.


  1. oh boy what beautiful children you have! those eyes and their teeth...they look like angels and so full of character! i see beautfiul kiddies, knitting, food... definitely going to follow along, it looks like my kinda place xxxx

  2. I love the lighting and editing in these photos. Your kids look so full of character.

  3. Lovely, sweet children! Love these pics & love the knitting. =)

  4. Your guys have wonderful shining personalities.
    Have a beautiful week.

  5. Beautiful photos and you really captured them. Best yet ;)

  6. picasa is great, and as for settings, i love how dreamy these look!