Sunday, 24 March 2013



 This year my cherry tomatoes have been amazing, from memory the yellow variety is Sungold and the other is Black Krim. Initially they were slow to start ripening but since they started they just haven't stopped. In fact, from time to time I've found myself inwardly groaning at the thought of having to go and pick them...then I get a grip on myself and smile about how grateful I am for this bounty and how proud I am of growing them.

This abundance of cherry tomatoes is keeping me busy in the kitchen. I've been:

:: semi-drying them in the oven

:: roasting them with capsicum, garlic, onion, tomato paste and rosemary then blending it all into the most delicious saucy concoction

:: boiling them up with salt then putting them through the mouli to make passata


:: making tomato sauce


I'm not sure I like the colour of the passata, the yellow cherry tomatoes don't look as nice as the red varieties when cooked but I'm sure I won't mind that when I'm eating it as soup in the dead of winter.

And despite the drought and despite the drop in temperature at night, there is no immediate end is sight, my plants are still flowering and setting fruit which is incredible given it's March and there are still a lot more trusses to ripen. 

So what would you make with an abundance of tomatoes? I was thinking about a nice relish but the old recipe I use requires them to be peeled and there's no way I'm going to peel cherry tomatoes....


  1. i don't blame you, goodness. your tomatos look divine.

  2. I love the idea of making my own tomato sauce. Your tomatoes look amazing. Wonderful colours. x

  3. oh boy, you have just become super woman in my opinion! x

  4. yum! not sure i'll get around to preserves this year, but you can never have too much passata, we ran out after about 5 months last year even though we made about 60 jars!

  5. Try bringing them to a simmer to soften the skins. Put them through the mouli then add them to the remaining ingredients. You get the flavour and goodness from the skins but no stringy bits and still get texture from onions etc.

  6. Having said that I would quarter them and go skins and all. Glad to hear the flight went well. And thanks to you I have just finished my first top down jersey! How much did I love threading in the cast off thread and it was finished.....NO SEWING UP! Have a fabulous day with all 5 tog.