Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I love Tuesdays

I've declared Tuesday as being my day. Forget the to do list, forget the "I should be doings", focus instead on what doing whatever makes he happy, no guilt allowed.
Last Tuesday I spent the entire day working on my quilt, bliss! It's coming along nicely now that I've stopped second-guessing every fabric placement! I am indecisive by nature, I find it difficult to make big or small decisions and spend a lot of time getting nowhere, paralysed by my indecision. Quilting I'm finding is a good exercise for me, there are many many decisions to be made and I'm learning that my first instincts are generally right, I'm learning to trust myself more.

Today I have an oven full of cherry tomatoes roasting on a low heat and making the house smell delicious. I have two lovely friends coming for coffee this afternoon so I will be baking my microwave chocolate brownie to share with them, and I have a little knitting project on the go that needs to be finished by Friday so I hope to sit and do some of that. And then of course there's my quilt, I have a few more strips to sew together before I need to cut and assemble some more.

What's not to love about Tuesdays?

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