Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tuesday treasure

With the rain falling all the things I wanted to do outside today fell by the wayside leaving me with a guilt-free morning treasure hunting. I love op shopping, I love the thrill I get when I stumble across a book I've been looking for for ages, or find another matching piece of the dinner-set I'm slowly collecting. Today did not disappoint!

I finally found a copy of the Readers Digest Complete Guide to Needlecraft, this has been on my wish list for a long long time. It's the 1980 edition, chock full of clever things and since I have one of my own now, you can have your book back Jae :)

I also picked up Golden Hands Encyclopaedia of Knitting and Crochet, I've not seen this book before but the design on the cover had me sold the minute I spotted it. Printed in 1973 the photos and styles are beautiful, clever and hilarious all at once. After my quick perusal the item that screamed out to me the most was wedding coat, such delicate lace, imagine how long it would take to make that?! Definitely a labour of love.

It's also got lots of useful information on stitches and I particularly loved this illustration of the dangers of not knitting to the pattern's gauge.....

And last but not least, a gorgeous vintage apron, the fabric is so pretty and I especially like the contrast binding. I love to wonder at who made it, for whom it was made, and why it was never worn.....  

Joining in for the first time with Max's Op-Shop Show-Off.


  1. I love the apron. Such a great find. I love op shopping too when I'm in town. Rounded off with coffee and cake in a great cafe. xo

  2. I love that needle craft book, my knitting teacher recommended it to me and i thought it was a bargin at $15 off trademe-and it is (except there is one going for 20c in my local oppy, for weeks-no one else seems to realise what gold it is!). Fantastic to have you linkying up-looking forward to browsing your blog x

    1. 20c??!! Wow, I paid $2 for mine and thought that was a bargain! That's seriously going to make someone's day when they find that :)

  3. what a fun meme and what great finds! wow that wedding coat.

  4. Great finds and what a bargain buy your Readers Digest Needlcraft book was. I've had mine for over 25 years, and I love the clear concise instructions it gives for all the crafts you'd ever want to do. I remember it cost me $25 new, which was a discount price through TAFE. Even so, that was a lot of money in the mid 1980's ... you've done well.