Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Yarn Along

I'm still working away at the Old Shale scarf I started a while back, I'm nearly finished the second ball of yarn and it'll need another one after that I think. Because I'm easily distracted I started on Ella's Playful Stripes cardigan. Ella chose the main colour and it took me quite a long time to pick the contrasting colours for the stripes, then it took me even more time playing with the colours to work out the best order for them. It's cast-on though and I'm excited to see how it comes along, I'm hoping I've got the colours right.

On the book front, I've added these to the stack by my bed. I can hardly believe it but we are off to Japan in a few short weeks so my reading has been fuelled by my desire to know a bit about where we're going. We'll be staying in Tokyo where Anthony will be working during the week and the kids and I will be free to wander. We're hoping to escape the city on the weekends and explore further afield. Having lived in London I'm used to big cities but the mere mention of 36 million people in one city both thrills me and sends me into a panic - I'm so worried I'll lose someone! 

I found We Love Food on the returns shelf one day and I love it, I was feeling a bit stuck-in-a-rut with our meals and this was just the inspiration I needed to shake it up a bit. Last night we had Pork and Bean curry with rice and everyone ate it up greedily. I've also made the Anzac biscuits with cranberries and chocolate chips and they were so delicious they were gone within two days....hmm, perhaps not so great for the waistline! 

Joining in with Ginny.


  1. Japan! We are always watching food programs online for Japan. Looking foward to reading your adventures. Are you going for long? We are in love with the place. Mr H and I met in London, I lived there for 5 years. Such an awesome city xo

  2. Japanese food online sounds right up my alley, we're trying to prepare the kids (and me truth be told!) as much as we can for how different it's going to be. We're going for three weeks and I hope to blog while we're away. I'd love to find a cooking class while I'm there that teaches you how to cook everyday Japanese food and I'm hoping we'll be invited into people's homes for meals. Let me know if there's anything you think I shouldn't miss doing/seeing....

  3. how exciting! japan is one place i'd love to visit, but i haven't so far. look forward to hearing of your adventures and culinary highlights x

  4. Oh lucky you! Japan! I stopped there for a night on my way to Europe years ago. I'd love to go for a proper long visit. The food!!!!! Have a great time. x