Monday, 1 April 2013

Marching on

 Autumn is here, the nights are drawing in and the mornings are darker. Slowly the leaves are turning on the deciduous trees, in another month or so they'll stand bare amongst the evergreen natives. I love the colours in our landscape at this time of year, it's early days though, the Japanese Maple and the wild cherry trees have not started to turn yet. There are a few rogue yellow leaves on the Tulip tree though, that always turns first. 

The days are flying by, it seems like only last week we started our 20 sleeps countdown to our trip to Tokyo, today there are only four - four??!!! Oh my goodness, that is arriving fast!  There's not a lot to do when I think about it actually, most of the important stuff is sorted, I've just got to pack clothes for the kids and me, and get us on board the plane. I do still need to pick up a few things for them to take on the plane though to help keep them occupied.

First thing's first though, my knitting is all organised! I cast off my bestest friend's birthday scarf at the end of last week, I'm not going to be here for her birthday but at least she'll have her present. Doesn't it look gorgeous with her summer frock!

I've also visited my favourite yarn store and bought some gorgeous yarn for my Tokyo project, the Boneyard Shawl. Knitting projects are not only a great way to pass the hours on airplanes but every time I put it on I'll remember where it was knitted, I love that! I'm also taking Ella's cardigan which is now past the tricky striped yoke section so it's easy knitting from there. And if I finish both those projects I'll just have to find myself a yarn store in Tokyo, in fact I'm sure I'll be finding one or two regardless!

The henhouse is sorted. We (I say we but it was really Anthony, I cowered inside) culled six of the last hatching of chicks, turns out eight out of the nine were roosters, not a great hatching rate! There are still a couple of lucky ones running around but we'll deal with them when we get home. The pig pen is also sorted. The pigs have been processed, packed, picked up from the butcher and delivered to our customers. I'm looking forward to trying this pork, they were sent off a month earlier than any others we've processed so it'll be interesting to see if we can taste any difference.

Over the last couple of weeks in the veggie garden I've been busy planting seedlings of lettuce, Pak Choy, celery, kale, leeks and more spring onions. Over the next couple of days I'm hoping to get some carrot and radish seeds sown. There'll be time when I get back to get the garlic in. I've still been harvesting tomatoes and today I made another 2.5 litres of passata for the freezer. I've pulled some of the tomato plants out but the others are still looking too good to pull, I've left them for my relief gardener to enjoy. I'm hoping we won't miss out on all the walnuts or feijoas, fingers crossed there'll still be some when we get back.

The kids and I have been using  a phone ap to try and learn Japanese, our attempts are hilarious but hopefully we'll be able to say hello, please, thank you, help me and goodbye in a passable manner. On the kids' bucket list is Disneyland, the Ninja restaurant, Tokyo tower, the Rainbow bridge and taking a trip on a bullet train. My list is a little longer, I'd love to see all that plus as much cherry blossom as I can, visit every park, take a Japanese cooking class, visit as many fabric/yarn/op-shop/second-hand shops as I can find, go to Kyoto for a weekend, be invited to a home for a meal.. I could go on and on.....

Have you been to Japan?
Do you start new knitting projects when you travel?
Have you got your winter veggies in the ground or maybe your summer crops started?

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  1. I've been to other countries in Asia but not Japan - it is on our "list" though. I can't wait to read up on your adventures when you go. And I'm behind on my planting. I need to get my winter vege in. We have just had no rain. Everything is bone dry. And we had to buy water in the weekend too! xo