Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Eight things

Inspired by others, here's my list of eight lovely things bringing a smile to my face at the moment:

1. Almonds ripe for the picking, we have two trees on a steep bank in waist high grass which makes picking these a bit of a mission - so worth it though

2. I'm loving the autumn colours in the garden at the moment

3.  A different perspective of where we live. We took to the hills on Sunday on a 4x4 trip, I love how these trips take you places where you would never ordinarily get to go

4. I'm filling bowls and baskets with feijoas each day, the kids are keeping up with them though and some made their way into an apple and feijoa crumble on the weekend. I'm particularly proud of the tamarillos, my wee tree is laden and these are the first of the ripe-ish ones.

5.  Nuts about nuts, we are lucky enough to have a big old walnut tree in the middle of our lawn as well as the two almond trees on the bank. We had a bumper crop of walnuts this year and most of them are hanging up in the garage drying out, can't wait to crack them open!

6. The hub of our open-plan living area. I love our wood fire, it goes 24/7 during the winter and is totally worth all the time spent splitting and stacking wood during summer

7.  My basket of treasure I bought home from Japan. I bought some beautiful Echino fabric, my first Liberty prints, a few bundles of fat quarters, pretty bias binding, yarn, sewing books, washi tape........so much goodness and such a lovely reminder of our trip.

8. Granola cooling, the kids are refusing to eat our usual breakfast offerings of cereal so I'm trialling this. It gets the thumbs up from Anth so that's a good start.

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  1. Drooling over that view and the basket of material goodies. I love washi tape too - we have been doing a bit of washi craft this week. xo