Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The colours of autumn


1. The view from our living area
2. The sun reaching further and further inside
3. Tulip tree
4. Wisteria and Japanese Maple behind
5. Wood gathering for next year's warmth
6. Toadstalls popping up in the paddocks and forest, such beautiful colours
7. Crabapples, I beat the birds to them
8. Crabapple and chilli jelly and Crabapple and Feijoa jelly - still 12kg left to preserve and give away
9. My Honey Cowl finished and a welcome addition to my neck in the early morning


  1. such lovely autumn photos, it's my favorite time of year. we are heading into summer, which means our little town becomes full of tourists seeking relief from inland heat. your honey cowl is in the most beautiful color, it's really pretty.

  2. I love autumn best but right now we have spring, which is alright for now. Love the cowl and the pattern!!