Thursday, 13 June 2013

A cardigan for Ella

I struggled with this cardigan from the beginning, not because of the pattern (Playful Stripes by Alana Dakos) I haste to add but because of my choice of yarn. I spent ages analysing the measurements on the pattern, swatching my yarn, crunching numbers only to be unhappy with the size of it. After much procrastination and more measuring I turned the pattern on its head and cast on my favourite top-down pattern, I figured using a pattern with the right gauge for my yarn would give me a bodice that fits and the rest will follow. So I cast on for Georgie Hallam's Olearia, ignoring all the ruched sections and striping my yarns in garter stitch, and it worked. Funnily enough though, by the time I cast-off I had the same number of stitches that I first cast-on as per Alana's pattern....

Anywho, while enjoying a lovely weekend with my Aunt and Uncle, free from the demands of small people, I managed to finish it. What a treat to sit and knit and chat for a whole weekend! Ella loves it and has been wearing it a lot, I wonder though if it could have been just a few inches longer....

All details on my Ravelry page here

Not technically a Yarn Along post but joining in with Ginny since it's been a while


  1. I LOVE how this cardi turned out. It's so frustrating to have to start something over, but the yarn colors look very modern and elegant.

  2. The cardigan is just beautiful! Your daughter is adorable too.

  3. its a lovely looking cardigan! Glad you managed to find a way to knit it!

  4. Beautiful cardigan! I think your crunching and changing were well worth the effort... :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  5. wow! love that cardigan! I think it is really well done and love the colour choices!