Tuesday, 11 June 2013



Another week gone, this year is whizzing by. These are a few shots from our weekend, a nice quiet one with a few long overdue jobs ticked off the list and a fun few hours on the wild coast at Makara Beach.

1. Lucia and Marcus's entrepreneurial endeavour....feijoas scavenged from under our road hedge, bagged and put out at the gate.
2. Yum, grilled eggy cheese with rhubarb chutney on homemade focaccia bread
3. A kowhai flowering up on our hill, I only ever notice it's there this time of year, hopefully the bees have noticed it too
4, 5, 6 & 7: Makara Beach. It's a fairly wild, desolate and unhospitable place in a howling northerly but lucky for us the wind had changed and the front that brought rain overnight and during the morning had just passed by. The kids had a great time exploring the rocks and stony beach and as usual many treasures were brought home, Lucia's pockets in particular were bulging! The Islands you can see in #5 are Mana Island with Kapiti Island just peaking over the top. I love the sweep of the cliffs up to the land, you can sense a battle between the eroding land and the windswept cliff.

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  1. loved seeing these photos, it's so gorgeous there. and the food sounds yum!