Thursday, 18 July 2013

Yarn Along

This beautiful stitching (Anna Maria Horner for Anchor) has been languishing in the corner, not quite out of sight but definitely on the backburner as more portable projects have been worked on. I picked up my needle over the weekend though and was reminded again how much I love working on this, the colours are so vivid and the process very meditative, it's the perfect thing to slow myself down. For some reason I started stitching in the centre so now that section is complete I've made a start at the top, where I was meant to start I think.

I've been devouring gardening books while being stuck indoors with cold, windy and wet weather. I love the time winter gives us to take notice of our surrounds and I've been inspired to make a few changes here. I've really enjoyed Xanthe White's The Natural Gardens, she's so clever at mixing New Zealand native plants in with everything else and has some great ideas for low maintenance borders. And Organic Vegetable Gardening is so good I'll have a bit of trouble handing it back to the library! Even though I'm not a beginner vege gardener, I've learned a lot from this book and have been busy taking notes and making plans for my Spring garden. I'm itching to get some seeds in the ground but there's a wee while to wait yet, I can make a start on my new flower borders though so I'm off now to take advantage of the sun we have today.

Joining in with Ginny again.


  1. That needlework is beautiful. I am dying to get some Anna Maria Horner fabrics, I love Field Study and make a quilt.
    I am getting ready to plant my veggie garden as well. It is fun trying to decide what to grow, enjoy!
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Those books look great I have just placed a hold on the Natural Garden at our library - it must be popular all the copies are out! It sounds just what I need to help me with our mainly native (and overgrown) garden that still doesn't feel like mine after 2 years. S:)

  3. ooo that is deliciously beautiful, can't wait to see it finished xxx

  4. Fabulous colours in your tapestry - what are you going to do with it when it's finished?