Sunday, 25 August 2013


As you'll see I've missed a few weeks. You can imagine how surprised I was to find my last portraits mentioned by Jodi here, I nearly fell off my chair when I clicked on a link and found it took me to my little slice of blogland, I was so gobsmacked, chuffed and a wee bit proud.  Despite this boost to my confidence I've found I'm happier to take photos of the kids when we're adventuring, or when we're experiencing something rather than setting up a photo shoot, it had all begun to feel a bit contrived and if I hadn't put any thought into it, the week would end and my camera would be empty.  I have really loved this project though and I will continue to play along when I can.


Ella, Lucia, Marcus
On Saturday we headed North for a day of exploring. After a morning driving along the beach followed by a delicious cafĂ© lunch, we headed inland to the Otaki Gorge, an area settled by timber millers and farmers in the Great Depression. My grandfather was born in the settlement which was quite sizeable back in the day but nothing more than falling down dry stone walls now. We played by the river, walked the swing bridge and watched some river kayakers play in the rapids. 
Joining in with Jodi

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Yarn Along

Lately it seems I've been unravelling more than actually knitting, it's proving a bit frustrating! I'm trying to knit a sleeveless vest for Marcus who refuses to believe it's winter and wants to wear shorts and t-shirts every day. I knit and hope he might humour me enough to wear it and at least keep his wee body warm... I'm casting on for the third time, earlier attempts were way to big so hopefully I'll get it just right this time. The yarn is New Zealand perendale wool from Utiku Woollen Mills, a favourite stop of mine whenever we pass through Taihape in the central North Island, which is not often enough for my knitting habit!

I'm reading With Bold Needle and Thread by Rosemary McLeod,  My lovely aunt who visited last weekend gave it to me, I feel so spoiled! It's a gorgeous book, full of projects adapted from magazines of the era and it's written beautifully, packed full of social history, tradition and know-how, definitely my kind of book!

I'm joining in with Ginny.....

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The colour of winter

It's sometimes hard in winter to look beyond the grey but it amazes me how much colour you can actually find when you go looking for it..

Roses from a thoughtful friend
Not technically a colour but I love the sunshine coming into the house earlier and earlier each week
Rhodendron, it's an oldie but a goodie
The first kowhai flowers
Pink camellia, same age as the rhododendron I'd say
Flowering cauliflower
Hellebores, one of my favourite winter flowers
Daffodils along the stream bank
Lavender, even in the winter this flowers, the bees are most grateful