Sunday, 27 April 2014

Making me smile

It's been such a long while that I was worried I wouldn't remember how to log in to this little space of mine - turns out I did, so here I am!
We are a week into school holidays and after spending last week away in the caravan, I'm looking forward to a nice quiet week of lazy mornings and no rushing about. Amongst the four loads of washing, the repatriation of items from the caravan to the house and feeding people big and small, I got my much neglected camera out and fiddled around a bit. Here are a few things that have made me smile today:

1.  Hydrangeas are one of my favourite plants.  I love this one dried even more than when it's alive on the plant.
2. My new purple slippers. If they're not on my feet then they're bound to be on the feet of one of the girls, a pair for each has been added to my list. Ravelled here.
3. Bright spots of red amongst the green -  tamarillos. They'll be ready to pick in a few days.
4. Goodies brought back from the UK by Mum and Dad. They had lunch at one of the River Cottage canteens which makes me green with envy.

 5. Using up the last of my zucchinis in a chocolate brownie recipe I found on a new to me blog
6. Treasure hunting among the feijoas. A month ago I checked the plants and they only had small fruit and not a lot of it, I was very disappointed. I went for a wander today and was surprised to find heaps of them scattered under the trees with a lot more yet to ripen. And, they weren't teeny tiny anymore, some of them are huge! It feels like it's rained all of April, there's only one blinding sunny day that springs to mind but all is forgiven now, the feijoas have definitely benefited from the rain.
7. We love feijoas in this house, so much so I'll have to stop the kids scoffing my first bowl full in one sitting. And if I want any for myself, I'd better hide a few.
8. Over Easter we spent a wonderful few days with the NZ contingent of my extended family. There was much chatting, swimming (the kids mostly), dog patting, eating and knitting. I'm very grateful to my knitting coach (Hi Florence!) for ending my sock knitting drought. I'd given up as all of the patterns I was using were turning out too large for my feet. All it took was a trick with the yarn tension and here I am, nearly finished sock one, and it fits perfectly. I can't wait to wear it/them!
9. After all the rain, and being away the lawns have been much neglected. Anthony mowed a track for the kids that kept them entertained for hours. Marcus is playing hockey for the first time this year and took that chance to get a bit of practise in.